The India Association of San Antonio is a non-profit umbrella organization established in 1978 to help unite various Indian cultural associations and groups, project a common identity based on their Indian heritage, and celebrate Unity in Diversity. It provides a platform for all Indian cultural associations, groups, and individuals to exhibit and showcase their arts and culture and to foster a better understanding between India and San Antonio. The India Association of San Antonio is proud to act as a bridge between both Indian and San Antonio cultures.

IASA mandate revolves around 3 pillars - Educate, Celebrate and Collaborate.


  • Conduct educational seminars at Schools and Universities throughout San Antonio.
  • Develop literature to foster multi-cultural spirit and promote greater understanding of diversity with focus on the Indian sub-continent.
  • Conduct contests such as NSF, Kahani Project etc.
  • Educate our members through mentoring programmes on topics such as: Financial self- sufficiency, Tolerance, PC skills, Resume writing, Women’s topics.


  • Celebrate the diverse cultures that are present in San Antonio.
  • Expose San Antonions to our culture through various celebrations during the year and generate a better understanding and appreciation of our people.
  • Promote our - Volunteer Service Awards, IAYA, Eagle Scouts Projects, Boys Scouts.
  • Be Dynamic in showcasing the pertinent issues of the time and recognizing those that contribute.
  • Provide positive encouragement and exposure for our membership through our activities.


  • Work with Governments and their Agencies here and in India through our sister city connections with Chennai.
  • Unite our people by promoting a better understanding of our diverse cultures – respect each other.
  • Participate in mainstream activities by working with other organizations in San Antonio- UTSA, Food Banks, Red Cross, City of San Antonio.
  • Become the Go-To cultural organization in San Antonio.