Facts/ FAQs about IASAConnect

India Association of San Antonio uses IASAConnect to update the subscribers with community news! The old name was SAConnect, and it got changed to IASAConnect in 2019.

Currently, there are several thousands active subscribers.

If you are on our website (https://indiasa.org) already, select Subscribe option at the bottom of the page.

Yes, there is a WhatApp group for IASAConnect.
Click on the link to join IASAConnect WhatsApp group: https://bit.ly/IASAconnect
Or, you may use this QR code to join.

If you are a local non-profit organization and wish to notify the IASAConnect subscribers preferably about your local event, then you must email your materials with the correct wording to IASAConnect@indiasa.org. We will not accept any materials on the phone or text or any other method. Please understand, India Association of San Antonio has no control or takes any liability of the content of your materials. So you please do a thorough quality check before you email us the content. Also, India Association of San Antonio reserves the right to accept, reject or cancel any advertisement sent by any organization.

We prefer one web-optimized image in (JPG, PNG, GIF) format, (850x1000 pixels, less than 1MB size) and one description paragraph of max 50 words, per advertisement. Please check your contents thoroughly prior to sending us, as we will not validate your contents. If our system generates errors due to your contents, or your content does not satisfy the above technical criteria, your materials will not be send out in time.

We request you to send your advertisement minimum two (2) weeks in advance.

Going forward, there will be two categories of emails. IASA related and NON-IASA related. We will send out IASA organizational and any critical community notifications as and when basis. Most importantly, we will consolidate all the NON-IASA related notifications and send out twice in a month, most likely second and last weekend of each month.

Our recent study shows, many users are either not liking or unsubscribing, as they have been receiving many repeat emails of the same event or emails not of their interest. We need your cooperation on this by limiting your repeat notifications, so together we can create a great user experience in our IASAConnect group!

Yes, IASA spends over $600 annually as a third party service cost for IASAConnect. IASA also spends several volunteer hours to maintain this.

IASA encourages the non-profit organizations. However, we can provide you a quote depending your business, communication, frequency of the communication. Please call us at (210) 910-4421, we can discuss the details.

Would you consider donating to recover some maintenance cost and keep IASAConnect alive?
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