IASA Alliances

IAYA EC Members 2018

Position Name
PresidentEsha Adikeshava
Vice PresidentHemal Avula
SecretaryZeeshan Siddiqui
TreasurerRichahh Jain
Communications LeadDeesha Das
Shadow PresidentDiva Rallal and Krishi Kothari
Shadow VPTaha and Mittal
Shadow SecretaryAnsh Jagatimath and Hursh Mehta
Shadow TreasurerYashas and Aruj
WebmasterAnch Behl

IAYA EC Members 2017

Position Name
PresidentAnand Papineni
Vice PresidentAnand Valavalkar
Treasurer Parth Mehta
SecretaryGowri lyengar
Communications LeaderEsha Adikeshava
Events LeaderAkruti Obhrai
Education/Career LeadAmav Wanvari
Volunteer CoordinatorShubham Agarwal
IASA Events CoordinatorAryan Kapoor
Web Management LeaderSharaddha Mehta

IAYA Membership

IAYA Guidelines  - Last Updated 01/23/2017

Objectives of IAYA: Indo American Youth Association (IAYA) represents the youth wing of IASA (Indian Association of San Antonio). The activities of IAYA shall include cultural, educational, voluntary and extracurricular activities working under the supervision of IASA. 

Membership:Membership will be open to any students of 8th and High school of Indian origin interested in the objectives of IAYA. The members of the IAYA will have the right to elect office bearers of the Executive Committee of IAYA including President.   

Membership Dues:The membership due is of $5.00 for one year. The membership year shall be Jan1st- Dec31st. IAYA treasurer will collect the membership dues for each member. The treasurer of IAYA will submit the report of the collection to the IASA treasurer. IAYA members are encouraged to participate in IASA activities. 

The Executive committee of the IAYA shall include Five Core office bearers namely: 

·         President: from  10th to11th graders 

·         Vice-President: from 9th to 11th graders 

·         Treasurer: from 9th to 11th graders 

·         Secretary: from 9th to 11th graders 

·         Communications Leader  9th to 11th graders


The Term limits of the IAYA Executive Committee members including the Extended Executive members:

Duration of office bearers of the Executive Committee, including the President is for one-year    term from Jan 1st-Dec31st each year.

In some cases, the terms of the office bearers of the Executive Committee can be extended beyond the preferred one-year term limit. Situation that may warrant this could include in instance where no one has put forward name for a nomination for that position and the existing position holder has expressed interest to continue for one more year in writing to the IAYA and or IASA president. Maximum term cannot exceed 2 years for any positions.12th grade exclusion in this case will not apply.


IAYA Executive Committee and Extended Committee Members Selection

Members of the IAYA are empowered to select the office bearers including the President. The selection criteria may include the following:

·         Election will  take place in January of each year. ( 2017 is exception due to new rules and will be extended to Feb 2017)

·         Each nominee is given an opportunity to give a presentation to the IAYA members, who will speak directly to the IAYA members convincing why they should be chosen for the position

·         Nominee will prepare a poster all about me or digital slide. The poster/slide can provide additional information about the candidate, and display at the election meeting available for all to see.

·         Optional: Role paly exercise may be used, but not required, to find out skills of the nominee.

·         A secret ballet will be used with each candidates names and the positions they are seeking.

·         IAYA members will select the nominee for the office bearer positions based on the simple majority vote

·          President of IASA will be responsible for the count of the Ballet and announce the result at the First IASA event in the year, traditionally this is the India Republic day event or the first event decided by the IASA President. The IASA President can delegate this task to another EC or Honorary EC member of the IASA team.


 IAYA Members Parents/Adult Requirement

The Parents of the Executive Committee (EC) of IAYA must be the member of IASA. In addition, any adult involved with helping the IAYA Committee will have to be member of the IASA.

IAYA Election Mentors

The following individuals will be assigned as election mentors. Their sole role in this capacity is to oversee the election process of the IAYA election. Their scope is limited to their roles as election mentor for the scope of planning and helping with the Election process and any related advice. Election Mentors are only expected to meet once each year for this purpose.

1.     President of IASA

2.     Prior Parent Advisor of IAYA

3.     IAYA Executive Advisor to IAYA Independent Advisory Committee

IAYA Mentors Duration to hold office

The IASA President will appoint the mentors. To ensure continuity of the IAYA program the term limits of the mentors shall be as follows: 

The President --Follows the term limitations per IASA guidelines

Prior Parent Advisor of IAYA is appointed by the IASA President for a maximum period of four years

IAYA Executive Advisor is appointed by the IASA President for a maximum of four years

In case the Prior Parent Advisor or the Executive Advisor of IAYA mentor team  resigns the position or the term expires, IASA President has the sole discretion to select the successor and give preference to the Parent of the last or current IAYA President or has a sole desecration to appoint any other member of IASA, preferably someone who has worked with the IAYA Youth in some capacity. 

The duties and responsibilities of IAYA office bearers:

Duties and responsibilities of the Core IAYA Executive team are as follows:


·         To call and preside over the meetings of the EC 

·         To direct and supervise activities of all EC 

·         To officially represent IAYA for activities in which IAYA decides to participates 

·         To bear the overall responsibility for the activities of the EC 

·         To communicate with the IAYA mentors on any matter of importance 


·         To carry out the functions of the President in his/her absence. 

·         To carry out other duties as delegated by the President of IAYA. 


·         To prepare and maintain an up-to-date membership list of IAYA (including names, E-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of all members and others interested in the activities of the IAYA. 

·         To prepare and send activity updates of IAYA to all the members at least once every sixty days. 

·         To record minutes of all EC meetings and send them to mentors of IAYA. 

·         To carry out other duties as delegated by the President of IAYA. 


·         To maintain an up-to-date accounting of all capital and operating accounts of IAYA 

·         To prepare and present financial reports at each meeting of the EC. 

·         To receive and pay the money as necessary to conduct the normal activities of IAYA 

·         To carry out other duties as delegated by the President of IAYA. 

·         Will lead the fund raising and membership sub-committee. 

·         Will work directly under the supervision of the IASA Secretary. 

 Communications Leader: 

·         Communicate the event information before and after to general public. 

·         Must be admin of the Facebook/Instagram of IAYA or similar communication means

·         Must Submit an event report for IASA newsletter 

·         To carry out other duties as delegated by the President. 

The duties and responsibilities of IAYA non-core office bearers:

All positions excluding the Core members will be reviewed periodically and is subject to change.

The most current Roles are as follows: (See Appendix A below – Provides the most current roles and responsibilities).


In addition to the IAYA Core Executive Committee, there will be Extended Executive Committee team members bearing the positions outlined in Appendix A below.

Accountability of officers & Members of IAYA

Performance score card with three levels: Exceeded Expectation, Met Expectation and Not Met Expectation categories.

·         Attend minimum 4-5 IASA events/meetings/volunteering – qualifies as Met Expectation

·         If they exceed the above requirement, qualifies for exceeded expectations and may be rewarded with a certificate of recognition. 

·         The expectation is that the minimum requirements will be met, if not, they will be marked as not met expectation on accountability scale.

·         Accountability results to be announced publicly at appropriate meeting

 IAYA budget

Adding $1000 per year to IAYA account by IASA

Financial Affairs of IAYA

The IAYA Treasurer is responsible for preparing the Income and Expenditure statement. This needs to be validated by the IASA Treasurer for accuracy. The Chief Advisor of IAYA shall have the oversight of the process. The Chief Advisor of IAYA however, will assume the role of a co-signer* together with the IASA Treasurer. Financial Affairs should be regularly reviewed and at a minimum be presented to the President of IASA once a year.

*In case of unavailability due to long term illness or similar occurrence, if the Chief Advisor is unable to co-sign, IASA President will have the authority to sign on the behalf of the IAYAChief Advisor.

Independent IAYA Advisory Committee Panel

IASA president, Executive advisor of IAYA and prior IAYA president parent will preside over the IAYA election. 

Advisory committee will be formed after election.  Advisory Committee will consist of 3 individuals. It is preferred that the Chief Advisor would be a parent of the president but not necessary, together with an experienced parent who has proven prior experience working with IAYA youth and it is recommended that the prior parent holds this position, however is not necessary.


In addition to the IAYA Core Executive Committee, there will be Extended Executive Committee team members bearing the positions outlined below: 

·         Events Leader 9th to 11th Grade

·         Web Management Leader 9th to 11th Grade

·         Educational/ Career lead 9th to 11th Grade

·         Volunteer coordinator 9th to 11th Grade

·         IASA Event Coordinator 9th to 11th Grade

Honorary Shadow Leader open to 8th graders only will be as follows, who will work directly under the supervision of the IAYA Executive Members and Extended Executive members

·         Assistant Treasurer 

·         Assistant Secretary 

·         Assistant Membership 

·         Assistant Communications 

·         Assistant Webmaster 

·         Assistant Photography/Digital Image lead 

12th graders and college students can be part of IAYA advisory group

Event leader is responsible for overseeing the planning, coordination, and execution of all logistical functions that support IASA's events including any indoor/ outdoor activities. This includes participation at Republic Day, Independence Day and Diwali functions as well as any special events such as volunteering as well as career/educational events, ensuring making payments and registration, arranging and coordinating transportation, requesting and securing required permits and providing communications with parents, volunteers and members before, during, and after each activity.

Web Management Leader is responsible for keeping the IAYA web site content up to date with information needed by the members. Maintain the distribution lists, Manage user access to the site. Make sure that information posted on the website is correct and that members’ and leaders’ privacy is protected. Work with all other committee members to publish stories regarding the events and activities to the web site.

Education/Career lead oversees and implements the scheduling of periodic career and educational events that will benefit all the members. The leader plans, schedules, and runs the shadow career events working with the advisory committee. Identifies areas of interest, research what opportunities are available and make it happen. .

Volunteer coordinator plans out all community events’, to include helping at food bank or similar organization, and plans and co-ordinates other Community Service events, is also responsible for ensuring that all events comply with the objectives of providing an opportunity for members to make a difference in the community and also uses this opportunity as a  team-building experience. coordinates manage, and executes minimum required annual events and ensures all participates in the activities.

Shadow Assistant Treasurer Helps with collecting and organizing receipts of payments and records.

 Helps with presentation for the quarterly meetings, reports etc

 Learns the skills required.

Shadow Assistant Secretary Helps keep minutes of meetings and reports. Helps with attendance log.

Shadow Communications Assistant Helps with stories. Collects important information

Membership Assistant    Helps check membership details. Follows up with new member

Shadow Assistant Webmaster    Helps with information gathering

Co-ordinates with other to collect information.

Photography/Digital Image Lead Collects all the photographs and / Digital images to promote IAYA events.

May take photographs, ensure takes permissions where necessary.