Few benefits of being a member of IASA

India Association strongly urges all Indian families to become members and help achieve the collective goals of the community.

Receive discounted tickets to all the paid IASA events, including gala dinner and IASA partnership events or shows.

As IASA members you can save hundreds of dollars when you book Community Center Hall for your own private parties.

Exclusive discounts on products or services at IASA preferred vendor’s stores, i.e., groceries, restaurants and many.

Be the first one to receive the event updates via ‘Members Exclusive’ or ‘Members Only’ communications.

Early access to IASA event tickets, workshops, classes, or community building activities.

Members will be given the first preference to register for all the events, i.e., Consular camps etc.

Free updates and communication via IASAConnect, that keeps you in touch with the pulse of the community.

Committee and leadership opportunities. Also a venue for volunteering on projects that appeal to you.

Voting rights, present your feedbacks and opinions.

Opportunity to network with the rest of the community.

Be a part of various cultural and social activities and sense the bond in the community.

Educate, and be educated by special gatherings, events.

Get help with passport or VISA services in your own city by attending Consular camps.

Know how to keep your heart going forever by attending the Health Fair.

A venue to display your talents in music, dance and other unique talents during India Fest and any Asia Fest or any IASA events.

Feel your heart swell with pride when the youth of our community perform a selfless act to the needy, through Scout other other partnership.

Exhibit your patriotism when you participate in Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.

Many other intangible benefits gained by giving a part of you to the community, as people with a common root.

Membership Plans

One Year Family


Expires On
May 19, 2025
Two Years Family


Expires On
May 19, 2026
Three Years Family


Expires On
May 19, 2027
One Year Single


Expires On
May 19, 2025