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A warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting the India Association of San Antonio’s official website. The India Association of San Antonio is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization run by a group of passionate, committed and driven volunteers. It is the umbrella organization that represents all sister organizations and non-profit organizations of the community of Indian heritage in San Antonio, Texas.

Its mission is to preserve, protect and promote our Indian culture, heritage and tradition by fostering and building relationships across several diverse communities in San Antonio.

The India Association of San Antonio strives to provide a common platform to all its members living in San Antonio for pursuing their common goals and efforts in the social, cultural, educational and charitable activities.

Please stay tuned and be a part of the events and activities India Association of San Antonio organizes through out the year!

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President's Message

Vamshi Konduru


On behalf of the India Association of San Antonio’s (IASA) Executive Committee for 2023, I wish you and your family a Happy, Prosperous and successful year ahead!

I am delighted and excited to take on the role of the President of IASA for 2023. I was fortunate to have the right mentors who helped me through my years of service; by training and mentoring me in the ways of IASA, helping me organize blissful events and most-importantly they were always physically there, whenever I needed them. With a rich 45-year history and tremendous achievements from past IASA presidents and community leaders, these are some big shoes to fill. Does that make me nervous? Of course, it does! I understand that being the president is not just about taking a role, it’s about owning the responsibilities that come with it. And there are a lot of responsibilities. However, I am blessed with an incredible team of current and future leaders that serve in my Executive Committee, augmented by the unconditional support from the Honorary Committee and countless volunteers that have dedicated their valuable time towards the community and our organization. I sincerely thank my team for their trust in me and for electing me to walk with them. I am humbled to take on this prestigious role with my team and I could not have asked for more! I thank all the elected Indian Regional organizational leaders, to be willing to be my partners, and to cooperate and collaborate with us in collectively achieving some of our commonly aligned goals and vision. I am counting on each one of you to help and support me, as without your support and participation, there is no IASA. Maybe with your partnership and support, I don’t need to be nervous after all.

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