Monday, 16 October 2017

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As a result of the unstinting efforts of the many volunteers who have given themselves so selflessly over these many years, the IASA’s activities have showcased the best of the rich Indian culture for the whole of San Antonio to witness, share and enjoy. The India Association has played a very important role in molding the lives of our children. Through many events and activities, it exposes them to Indian culture and our rich heritage, which they would not experience living outside the country. One of such event is Diwali held every year on the first Saturday of November. It gives us an opportunity to share our rich culture with the American people. Thousands of Americans & Indians flock to this event every year to enjoy the delicious food, eye-catching costumes, breath-taking dances, and exciting merchandise from our native country.

Our main goal is to provide useful information to the members, apart from our monthly newsletters and event calendar. We will provide a few important links on our site for the Indian Community like, so enjoy your stay on the site and check back to find out various additions to the site.
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Jai Hind!

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